Living well with dementia: A National Dementia Strategy

This strategy is a government initiative which sets out a vision for transforming dementia services with the aim of achieving better awareness of dementia, early diagnosis and high quality treatment at whatever stage of the illness and in whatever setting.  Please click on this link to see a copy of the National Dementia Strategy which will give you more information.  In conjuction with this, the National Strategy for Carers gives support to those in the valued but often unrecognised role of looking after their family or friends who are elderly, ill or disabled.

The strategy has 3 key steps to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers:

  1. Ensure better knowledge of dementia and remove the stigma
  2. Ensure early diagnosis, support and treatment for people with dementia and their family and carers
  3. Develop services to meet changing needs better

Dementia UK are currently holding a pilot study and are offering short courses on “Carers as Educators” where the overall goal is to re-educate staff and family carers to understand better the effects that a dementia has on a person and to improve their experience in line with the National Dementia Strategy and Carers Strategy.

Jackie Timbers recently attended this course that was held by Occupational Therapist Julia Pitkin which covered the following:                

  • Dementia Awareness
  • Communicating well with people living with dementia
  • Working in partnership with family carers of people living with dementia
  • Understanding behaviour viewed as challenging – exploring responses and care options

As a result of this course we are now looking at improving our overall practice and approach to Service Users suffering with a dementia and their family members.  Please contact Jackie at C&S Care Services on 01902 810174 if you would like any more information.

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