Direct Payments

Direct Payments  is a system where Social Services give Service Users the money directly to pay for their own care rather than going through the traditional route of a local authority providing care for them.

Direct Payments can empower an individual by enabling them to have more of a say in how the support they receive is provided as well as promoting a sense of well being, independence and control over their own life.

Each person in receipt of a Direct Payment is given an amount of money which can be managed by themselves, or by a family member, an advocate or even Social Services – this is called a “Direct Payment with a Managed Account”.  This money is then used to purchase any service that meets their needs. Local authorities have a mandatory duty to offer Direct Payments to all persons who are eligible to receive them.

To find out more about Direct Payments you must speak to your local council about how to receive them and whether you are eligible to receive them or look at for further information.  We offer  person-centred services to maximise your independence so if you would like more information on Direct Payments please  give us a call on 01902 810174 to speak to our friendly team.